Friday, May 8, 2015

"Choose Your Own Adventure"

         My "Choose Your Own Adventure" story is about a girl names Carter, who is having a big problem. A zombie apocalypse is occurring in her town, and it is up to her to save the people. She has many obstacles and troubles to go through during this adventure, but in the end, she will either fail, or save everyone.
         I made the story by coming up with a topic. On a sheet of paper, i wrote down the problem, characters, setting, topic, and so on. When that was constructed, I used the application called "Inspiration 8". This is an application that helps you create idea webs for writing. You had to number the bubbles so you knew what slide they would go on. I color-coated the bubbles I made so they would be in different categories. I had blue be a slide that had a continue button, green for something good, red for something bad, and pink for any questions. After linking all of them together, I made a google dock that I transferred the bubbles onto. Each numbered bubble would go into a paragraph on the numbered google dock. Then, it was time to put this writing into the final stage, Keynote. In the Keynote, I edited the paragraphs to make them longer, added buttons, and added pictures.
         If you were to ask me, I think that my adventure turned out pretty good. If I could change absolutely anything, it would probably be the topic. I like the topic that I chose, but I have nothing else that I would like to change.
         I likes a lot of things about this project, it is my favorite one of the whole year! I like how the reader(s) can interact with the writing and have fun with it. Another thing I liked is that you got to chose your own topic. A lot of writing lets you chose your own topic, but this one seemed different. You could let your imagination run wild, while getting a grade on it.

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