Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

         Approximately, 7.6 million people worldwide die of cancer each year. 50% of people that are diagnosed with cancer survive the disease. If a family member or friend of yours is diagnosed, you just need to keep hope. My brother Brian is a cancer survivor. Everybody thinks that once you have cancer, you can’t survive. Just think of my brother, he survived. 
         Brian was diagnosed with cancer Christmas Day, Friday 1987. A routine ultrasound was done when his mom was still pregnant, and they noticed a spot on his kidney. My brother had some kidney problems in the past. Turns out, they accidentally did an ultra sound on Brian’s liver instead of his kidney. Unfortunately, the doctor found tumors on Brian’s liver.
         Just because Brian was diagnosed with cancer, doesn’t mean that he gave up. He had 9 major surgeries in his life. The nine surgeries were for putting in and taking out ports, repairing ducts on his kidney, and removing tumors. Ports are devices that go under your skin, it is put in place during a surgery. Ducts are the tubes that go into your kidney, Brian had one that was plugged. He had one 1 year of chemo therapy. Chemo therapy is the treatment of disease by the use of chemical substance, especially the treatment of cancer by cytotoxic and other drugs. The chemo therapy drugs were so strong on Brian, that it made his finger and toenails, hair, and eyelashes fall off. 
         Brian has had many great accomplishments throughout his life. His overall greatest accomplishment is being cancer free for 24 years. It’s one thing to survive cancer, but it’s another thing to be cancer free after you’ve had cancer. Some more accomplishments that Brian has achieved is winning the state free throw contest in junior high, starting varsity point guard in basketball as a sophomore, state qualifier in the 200 meter dash in high school, all area in basketball, and many more.
         Brian inspires me because he conquered something at such a young age. He was diagnosed with cancer at 5 months old, and was 4 years old when he was declared cancer free. Brian wants to try everything, and he gives everything 100%. He is my role model, and always will be. I am proud to say that my brother is part of the 50% of people that survives cancer. 

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