Monday, February 23, 2015

Why I Want to go to College

         I’m a middle child, a middle child has younger siblings. Every older sibling feels the need to take care of their younger brother or sister. In my case, I have a younger brother, and a newborn nephew. I love little kids, I’ve been surrounded by them for my whole life. Becoming an ultrasound technician includes akin care of mothers, so that they can see and fell the joy of having a baby. I know what you’re thinking, what does an ultra sound technician do? It is a person that does ultra sounds. I’ve changed my mind a lot about what I want to be when I’m older,  but I’m confident that I’ve found the right job for me. A job that I can enjoy, and succeed in.
         As my mom would say, “College is beneficial because you can have a better life, while doing what you love.” I can almost guarantee that everyone would agree with this. People that have good jobs, went to college, to get a degree for the specific thing that they want to do for however long. I want to go to college because I want to be able to go to school for learning to do what I love. College is required in my family, it is in most families. It is a school where you take specific classes for what kind of job that you want. So, why wouldn’t college be fun?
         There are many different colleges, many different occupations, and many different time periods that you go to school for. An ultrasound technician has to take one to four years of school. It differs from a doctors 11 to 16 years of college education, reiterating that each job has different amount of college years. 
         College will benefit you personally and professionally. High school doesn’t get you a job, It just gets you to college. You need a high school degree in order to get accepted into a college. You need a college degree to get the job that you want. It all links together, high school degree gets you to college, and college degree gets you to an occupation. College is really beneficial, and I would recommend it to anyone that considers it.