Friday, December 12, 2014


A big green shamrock
lies on the street.
Painted once a year,
to shine again.
An original Irish town.
The World's Largest Shamrock,
In the communities hands.

Concrete Poem

Caring and 
Giving is what
You're all about.
Being thankful.
A time with family
and friends. A time to 
celebrate Jesus, because
he let us live. Be thankful
for your life,
to be here today.
To have a great home
food, and people in your
life. It's a time for presents,
A break, and surprises. Surprises
are in the air. On
Christmas Day, decor
shines throughout homes
around a neighborhood. And 
everyone knows it's a time to be
 happy. To never forget its meaning
Jesus died
just so you
could live

Persona Poem


There is no place like Nebraska.
Land full of crops
and animals, and
Open plains.
Not only full of them,
Known for them.
A symbol of Nebraska.
There certainly is no place like Nebraska.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Friends come and go,
As other friendships grow.

A friend is always there,
Because they always care.

My friends are there for me,
Soon, you will see.

As friends make their way,
True friends, will always stay.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Friendship is an Ionic Bond

The stronger it gets, 
The longer it lasts. 

Bonded together is 
Hard to get apart, to break.

Always with is 
Always there. 

Opposites attract.

Friendship can
Be positive, or
Even negative.

A compound,
A bond. 

A cloud of things,
try to break it apart, 
but a bond so strong, 
can't break.

Friends are different,
in many ways,
good friends, bad friends, 
are kind of the same. 

Friendship is a bond, 
a unit, just one. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


5 Senses Poem

Walking out into
The humid sunny
Air. Smells of flowers,
And nature erupt you.

Flowers, everywhere. Grass,
As green as could be. 
The outdoors filled with
Kids playing. Tress filled
With leaves, and sidewalks
Filled with shade.

Birds chirping fill your 
Ears. You feel splashing,
Hear splashing water, pool
Filled with kids. Take a 
Drink of lemonade, don't 
Forget the ice cubes

Summer tastes. It reminds 
Me of ice-cream, cool,

Found Poems

Words from Elie Wiesel, The Perils of Indifference

 A heart,
Would never be
Free again.
Now a new one
stands before you. 
Of course,
I would give
It to you.
For who can
Hand it to?