Friday, August 29, 2014


        Here is my room. The walls that are bright colored, purple, pink, and blue stripes among them. Pictures of friends and family hang around the walls in my bedroom. A mirror that hangs on the wall is a birthday gift. The pink outline around the edges matches the bright pink that lingers on the walls. Two windows on one wall brings light into my basement room. An old character to them is a contrast from the bright walls.  The circle light fixture has a black outline to match everything in my room. It may not be bright, but the windows are its substitute. A chair with a cheetah print cloth sits in the corner of one wall. A bookshelf sits black and dusty next to it. A black dresser sits by a second one along the wall. A gift from my grandma, a guardian angel sits on my dresser, staying there to watch me as I grow. You can hear the clock with a tic-tock noise 24/7. Quotes from my parents hang around my walls to tell me a message every day.
        A shiny, black bunk bed along one wall. The bars of the bunk bed reflect the light from the windows. You will always be able to hear the top bars squeak during a movement. A pink cheetah print bedspread on the bottom bunk adds to the bright room. A black and white zebra print bedspread on the top bunk balances out the brightness in the room. A small closet sits alone on one wall. Black, shiny doors match the bunk bed. The gold door handles have a shine of their own. It is special, made by my dad. The lamps add life to my room. One cheetah print, another zebra print, and another one sparkly with a pink background. All of the lamps have pink on them. One on my dresser, the other on my sisters dresser. The last one is on a black, bedside table, a custom scentsy sits upon it. I am rich beyond measure.